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The Huangshan Fengda International Hotel (Huangshan Fengda Guoji Dajiudian) is located just beside the East Gate to Huangshan Mountain and Tanjiaqiao Shimenxia scenic area. The exit to Hetonghuang Highway is within easy reach, which is convenient for self-driving guests. A ten-minute drive from Tang Kou and 60-minute drive from Huangshan Airport.

A wide range of guest rooms and suites as well as independent villas are available for staying guests.

The on-site dining outlets specialize in Cantonese and local cuisines.

For recreations, a bunch of options are available including an indoor swimming pool, badminton court, squash court, ping pong room, billiards room, outdoor tennis court, golf course and hot spring pools covering a total area of 20, 000 sq m.[View Detail]
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  • gayguy
    Hotel facilities good, but inconsistent with the grade of hotel service level, software needs to be improved
  • devonny
    A very good environment, very quiet, and clause suite, hardware is very good, but the South Gate of Huangshan are far away, suitable for self-driving travel! recommended, have the opportunity to be considered again.
  • bobo2783
    Rooms can be driving a good choice!
  • motormay
    Hotel with first-class facilities, environment, is that breakfast is too little
  • waterfaye
    Hotel is very good on the ground, and overall pretty good!
  • limeitc
    Yard, Feng Shui is very good, hotel facilities good, overall satisfaction. from the South Gate of Huangshan mountain Transfer Center about 20 minutes by car, particularly suitable for self-driving tour!
  • mengxd
    This hotel is the most satisfied with this trip, absolutely luxurious five-star hotel luxury, covers a very large area, you can go for a walk after supper, hotel clean and also help us when we go play clothes, very good restaurant inside the hotel is not expensive, very satisfied
  • Dianajee
    Hotel is very good, breakfast was good, affordable, is far from Huangshan
  • Pandapony
    Hotel hardware good, room is big and decorated atmosphere, service is OK, location in the mountains, slightly, inaccessible, static, lacks popularity. self-driving tour you can choose here.
  • xixiao_0719
    It's OK
  • douaixin800225
    Inside the hotel is very beautiful, but is a bit awkward, no attractions around, no restaurant, only in the hotel that guests don't. dining well, a large quantity of very affordable. room facilities very good.
  • glleeg
    Just enter the gate, a musty, rooms fine, outside nice. room facilities good. it is worth staying again next time.
  • smallbug
    Big room and environment
    Very good. driving tour recommended. South Gate of Huangshan scenic area, there are two methods, one turn right out of the gate, State Road 205; one out of the gate and turn left walking speed, recommending this. restaurants dish is good, the price is acceptable. fitness center, it is true that nothing can go to get a sweat.
  • tonic805
    Cold pool of water, the proposed increase in guest service, because the location of the hotel and some remote
    Very nice hotel
  • Alanlui
    Is a bit bias, but the environment is good, suitable for self-driving tour friends, driving is convenient for the surrounding attractions, hotel facilities not yet complete, want to play carefully at the hotel,
  • Allen.Gu
    Hardware condition of the hotel is good, after all, is built in accordance with five-star standards, unfortunately Spa not built, breakfast, but after all, discount price is very high, so breakfast is negligible, would stay there again!
  • dracoyi
    The environment around the hotel and the facilities are good. swimming pool need to be improved.
  • cosinfu
    A good environment, very quiet, great. Hill Road is very comfortable!
  • lovepurepoison
    Hotel location is very good, in Huangshan scenic area and is convenient for the various attractions are suitable for self-driving tour friends ... Hotels also have places to play, the only is lack of popularity, hope that more and more people can go to this hotel//still want to live better next time!
  • e00246410
    Very good hotel.
  • artemis221
    Really really really 32?, environmental and service very good, itself is a beautiful attractions ... Opened my eyes to see the mountains in the morning and see the blue sky and white clouds, it felt so good, the mood is much better
  • wyvern8630
    Tall and advanced
  • baobaojiadong
    Scenery is great! around the hotel, including hotel, is the landscape everywhere, be quiet! comfort! Hotel service is also very good, if breakfast is more comprehensive and more perfect!
  • fenyfeng
    Nice, nice eating less convenient
  • carman0123
    Very nice, especially hotels and restaurants not expensive good
  • letianle
    Well ... this trip is the most satisfactory.
  • Danny_Liang
    Overall recommendation back a hand holding the light bars indicate each day parking to see heart operations, but during the swimming pool water too cold temperature treatment!
  • linlevel
    Very good hotel! very good in all aspects, there is a five-star standard! highly recommended!
  • fj553598
    Hardware well, a very good environment and fresh air of the mountains. restaurant many people serve a bit slow, need to be patient. location, breakfast not much,
  • doublebear
    So beautiful never say
  • ducguo
    Good service is not easy
  • lf846
    Super nice hotel. the room also good, cost-effective ultra-high. is breakfast needs to be improved.
  • littleboling
    Very good
  • daigua0226
    Very good mountain spring water of the swimming pool is too cold, struggle a long time to get into the water, breakfast delicious varieties can also
  • bonny522
    Beautiful scenery,
  • e01246024
    Yes, air conditioning is not so good. heat the room during the day.
  • bbeenn
    Hotels in Nice from scenic drive very convenient, breakfast and service in General, needs to be improved.
  • yg11133
    For self-drive
  • MMrpg
    Very good hotel, transfer station about 10 kilometers from Huangshan Tang Koudong ling, the surrounding environment is very beautiful, very quiet, condition of facilities and four star, suitable for driving friends!
  • erictory
    Staying of VIP floor suite two between room adjacent is convenient. whole building floor on we 5 a people live, too luxury has! night is quiet, only of voice from Hotel play music. morning called early of not front desk, but birds Peck Windows glass of voice, too has mood has! hotel fitness swimming pool table tennis badminton wall ball tennis basketball site devices are has, baby lunch dinner eat several mouth on to Kang body floor run, said to to play. hotel environment full marks, seems to a small scenic, unfortunately withBaby rest not crumble well, MOM and Dad turned it again! close to the accommodation request demanding I highly recommend, and facilities up to 5 star standards. next to the yellow mountain must live here!
  • walter499
    Hotel is big, environment beautiful, Kang body Center good, carpet is thick noise effect perfect, is locations remote some, away from Huangshan South door also needed drive half hours, but on fear noisy of people for spent points money playing a car or tours to side staying also is worth of, than mountain feet of better. other are is good, yihou has opportunities to Huangshan also will select staying of
  • evesimon
    Good hardware, software services have much room, but staff in charge
  • brasstome
    The air is good, easy sleeping and drifting around what what good
  • e00938478
    Hot Springs Hotel no hot springs, is quite good, is a bit too far
  • Alvin977
    Hotel location is very good, in Huangshan scenic area and is convenient for the various attractions are suitable for self-driving tour friends ... Hotels also have places to play, the only is lack of popularity, hope that more and more people can go to this hotel
  • wrc_000
    Environment, services, and facilities are bar da, dishes are very fresh, we were very satisfied
  • donner05
    Good hotel
  • jonestuner
    Great facilities, very clean, room Wired Internet access, a telephone network engineers with professional tools, a skilled solution. hotels with great scenery, is no problem playing for a long time. reception service is also fast, food is not expensive. pool water is spring water, cold, not hot weather could not be launched.