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The Huangshan Fengda International Hotel (Huangshan Fengda Guoji Dajiudian) is located just beside the East Gate to Huangshan Mountain and Tanjiaqiao Shimenxia scenic area. The exit to Hetonghuang Highway is within easy reach, which is convenient for self-driving guests. A ten-minute drive from Tang Kou and 60-minute drive from Huangshan Airport.

A wide range of guest rooms and suites as well as independent villas are available for staying guests.

The on-site dining outlets specialize in Cantonese and local cuisines.

For recreations, a bunch of options are available including an indoor swimming pool, badminton court, squash court, ping pong room, billiards room, outdoor tennis court, golf course and hot spring pools covering a total area of 20, 000 sq m.[View Detail]
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  • jameswnj
    Thought to live here can go to tunxi, didn't think to sit back! phone also does not make clear at that time! Not since driving is not recommended! Good peripheral environment, leisure, if you drive restaurant and not in a hurry you can also.
  • TonYon
    Cheap as environment and highly recommend! later Huangshan will pick this!
  • tonysmart
    Hotel was on the tall, high cost performance, on the hillside, surrounded by mountains.
  • lyj735
    Environment and health are clean, 4/f, room too hot, but later resolved the fan
  • ScarlettGao
  • andy1006
    Overall nice, good surroundings, restaurant food prices are not high, more civilians, during your stay in the inside to eat, helpful. is swimming pool is not heated, a little regret.
  • wgl1234567
    VIP floor brush in the Middle at the wrong gate card dung baby any more no one watch-security is a problem parking convenient and nice breakfast to point selection
  • cpp8505
    Good wireless network is a bit slow
  • jianyunmin
    A bit less exotic, the surrounding landscape, not supporting, others OK
  • benben0006
    Quiet, far away from the area. for driving.
  • xueran9
    Nice, service was good, since driving is easy, Oh.
  • e02528215
  • gm1428
    Hotel looks pretty on the tall, in the gym, swimming pool, shortcoming is not constant, and since we are weekend, hotel more, services are in place
  • Jiejie_x
    Some distance from the scenic area, the hotel structures are large, lovely, suites, rooms are large, great, this price is quite a value. drifting General stimulation
  • cc870313
    Room was large, clean and most importantly clean, nice
  • sudic3000
    Best hotel, right at the foot of Huangshan.
  • ydianna
    Hotel is good, just a bit of bias, should have shuttle services only. overall is good, is there is a breakfast lounge dining area is bad, needs to be upgraded. Wellness Center can also.
  • raya16
    Nice! resort has small attractions
  • gayguy
    Hotel facilities good, but inconsistent with the grade of hotel service level, software needs to be improved
  • devonny
    A very good environment, very quiet, and clause suite, hardware is very good, but the South Gate of Huangshan are far away, suitable for self-driving travel! recommended, have the opportunity to be considered again.
  • sujia
    Hotel decent, affordable
  • plumvan
    Met the most beautiful hotel no hot water facilities, new and fully equipped swimming pool other very good fly in the ointment is no more shopping around the hotel where this is not the hotel's problem
  • bobo2783
    Rooms can be driving a good choice!
  • motormay
    Hotel with first-class facilities, environment, is that breakfast is too little
  • feverlau
    Very quiet
  • waterfaye
    Hotel is very good on the ground, and overall pretty good!
  • limeitc
    Yard, Feng Shui is very good, hotel facilities good, overall satisfaction. from the South Gate of Huangshan mountain Transfer Center about 20 minutes by car, particularly suitable for self-driving tour!
  • mengxd
    This hotel is the most satisfied with this trip, absolutely luxurious five-star hotel luxury, covers a very large area, you can go for a walk after supper, hotel clean and also help us when we go play clothes, very good restaurant inside the hotel is not expensive, very satisfied
  • silver93
    Satisfaction beyond imagination, required Huangshan hotel next time!
  • nigang999
    Service was understaffed. breakfast to the hotel to say there is no picture so vast.
  • Dianajee
    Hotel is very good, breakfast was good, affordable, is far from Huangshan
  • e04284595
    National day came last year. the seven floor, room service is good, no previous enthusiasm at the front desk, breakfast is rich than in the past, less entertainment, hot springs made for a few years and it was never built, and disappointing.
  • Pandapony
    Hotel hardware good, room is big and decorated atmosphere, service is OK, location in the mountains, slightly, inaccessible, static, lacks popularity. self-driving tour you can choose here.
  • xixiao_0719
    It's OK
  • ann227
    Very ideal of since driving hotel, although away from Huangshan scenic entrance probably also has 12 km, but hotel of hardware and service absolute not soup mouth near of hotel can compared of. Feng big hotel itself on equivalent to a a scenic, has private of climbing step road, has swimming pool fitness facilities, even also has himself of views audio and huabiao, very spectacular. hotel price also not your, yihou also will again select staying.
  • douaixin800225
    Inside the hotel is very beautiful, but is a bit awkward, no attractions around, no restaurant, only in the hotel that guests don't. dining well, a large quantity of very affordable. room facilities very good.
  • glleeg
    Just enter the gate, a musty, rooms fine, outside nice. room facilities good. it is worth staying again next time.
  • dannis606
    Hardware, software can't keep up, hotel ordering slow, breakfast is said to be nine, almost 8:30 noodles on site service no. only two bottles of mineral water every day for free, extra pay for 3 Yuan a bottle, since the price is so low, why not free, in fact, another two bottles will be able to meet the normal requirements of the
  • adam725
    Good environment is also very good, is the buffet breakfast optional variety, others are satisfied!
  • bluer200575
    Environment, hardware, food is very good, cost-effective ultra-high
  • Myself1986
    Hardware, and services to be improved, and half of the building still under construction.
  • smallbug
    Big room and environment
    Very good. driving tour recommended. South Gate of Huangshan scenic area, there are two methods, one turn right out of the gate, State Road 205; one out of the gate and turn left walking speed, recommending this. restaurants dish is good, the price is acceptable. fitness center, it is true that nothing can go to get a sweat.
  • carrie0131
    Nice hotel, suitable for self-driving, facilities good, service OK, Huangshan scenic area too and the rate is too high, what is money, even the scenic bus is back and forth charges and bad attitude, across the scams didn't want to do a second business pace!
  • tonic805
    Cold pool of water, the proposed increase in guest service, because the location of the hotel and some remote
    Very nice hotel
  • joan9953
    Very good hotel ... reasonable prices. Although not listed five stars. overall. hotel all meals are reasonable. will choose in the future.
  • Alanlui
    Is a bit bias, but the environment is good, suitable for self-driving tour friends, driving is convenient for the surrounding attractions, hotel facilities not yet complete, want to play carefully at the hotel,
  • Allen.Gu
    Hardware condition of the hotel is good, after all, is built in accordance with five-star standards, unfortunately Spa not built, breakfast, but after all, discount price is very high, so breakfast is negligible, would stay there again!
  • dracoyi
    The environment around the hotel and the facilities are good. swimming pool need to be improved.