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Fengda International Hotel Huangshan is located next to the Shimenxia Scenic Area in Tanjiaqiao Town, Huangshan District, near the Tanjiaqiao exit of the Hetong-Huanghuang Expressway. The hotel is about a 10-minute drive from the South Gate (Tangkou) of Huangshan Scenic Area. The hotel area has its own scenic drip lake, drip water cave, north-south hiking trails, Dieshui waterfall, Guanyin and Maitreya Buddha statues for guests to play.

The hotel covers an area of 1100 acres. The first phase of the project consists of the Huibin Building, the Guobin Building, the VIP Building, the Yingbin Building, the Conference Center, and the vast world. Modern architecture is perfectly integrated with Damei Huangshan, with multiple guest rooms, chess and card room, KTV, multi-function hall, etc. to meet the needs of accommodation, conferences, catering, leisure and entertainment, vacation, health and other needs.

The entertainment facilities include a hot spring center covering an area of 26,000 square meters and a height of 99.99 meters. The main building has 12 floors. There are food city, tea bar, VR experience hall, 9D interactive cinema, gym, ice and snow roller skating, health spa bubble pool, chess and card leisure, viewing bar and so on. Outside there are infinity swimming pools, high mountains and tsunami halls, children's paddling pools, forest hot springs and so on. The children's area, the adult area, and the elderly are divided into layers to meet the consumption needs of various levels.

The hotel's main restaurant is Huizhou, focusing on Huangshan's local specialty dishes.
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  • e04705905
    Very nice hotel great for self-driving tour friends the next time you have the opportunity to go to Huang Shan to stay here
  • pandebiao
    Fine. is a little far. food can
  • tangtang8896
    Very nice hotel, very new, renovated upscale, nice, Nice.
  • RainbowTang
    Breakfast was too poor, too few species, not taste.
  • iverrain
    First-class of hotel, landscape is holding, mountains and home, off life away from custom, came in Feng big Hou, annoying tired tired wiped out, really of has like of feel. may General visitors are like live soup mouth near into Yamaguchi, actually Feng big to turned left station also but 15 minutes, I on prefer live far so little, is enjoy to was nature surrounded by of comfortable. room is wide, is new, real super by value! how Spa part opened has on more holding! I really won't left! if hotel can arrangements each smallOne light soup, every day it must be full, that really was difficult to get a room! I'll definitely come again!
  • msvvang
    Environmental hardware is considered very good, unfortunately, software as a service so far, that level of breakfast only Inn
  • jodidi
    In order to save, the hotel does not provide air conditioners, room fan use only. repeated urging for a three-hour air conditioning, one night bored. before arrival, front desk did not inform without air conditioning.
  • alinxp1
    Environment, good service, clean facilities, convenient transportation, is the parking lot is too small, breakfast not very good, the dinner after 9 o'clock, there is no
  • maggielulu
    Nice swimming pool is not heated.
  • Bobo little Western
    Nice, spacious rooms, high cost performance. the excellent meal in a Chinese restaurant, quantity, prices are not expensive. recreation facilities. the ointment, air conditioning not cold enough, the quilt is too thick
  • ting_lin922
    Nice facilities. The next time you stay.
  • daiddd
    I stayed in the best hotels in Huangshan, cultivate good place!
    See has many people of praise, select has this hotel, practice proved select is right of, 320 of price for 5 star hotel, really of is cabbage price, room big, facilities new, hotel accounted for to area is big, can climbing, can tours cloud, also has fitness center, facilities also compared more, table tennis, badminton, wall ball, swimming pool, various fitness equipment. is for holiday.
  • Peter08
    A very good environment, very quiet, flowers. within the environment of the hotel is excellent, service good. I necklaces in the hotel, call send me back. just from the Huangshan scenic area is a bit far, breakfast can also be
  • mrcctv
    Nice hotel, air hygiene, self-driving tour preferred!
  • amy1981
    Hotel itself is scenic, and a very good environment, rooms in place. the ointment may go is the off-season, air conditioning is not open 24 hours, a bit cold.
  • lady_fanting
    New fantastic love must have really good recommended recommended recommended!
  • duanduansun
    Super nice ... Nice ... very comfortable. just total individual staff attitude poor. the hotel in General is very good. There is no wireless in the room ... inconvenient ... everything else was good.
  • coolwind
    Environment, breakfast and service were very good
  • smallbug
    Big room and environment
  • ben668
    Serious not to force air conditioning, rooms hot, maintenance service and still to no avail, looking well rested the next day up the mountain, with the result that
  • RogerYao
    The environment is great, beautiful pole. was driving and beautiful choice!
  • aaaa888
    Hotel Nice hotel has a big mountain to climb, there are various sports and swimming pool. great, facilities are relatively new. Nice is restaurant with a waiter rude is the only drawback. distance from the Huangshan, self drive tour or climb in a hotel, hotel is worth recommending! great!
  • lxr0123
    Hotel environment, facilities very good! in the eastern foot of Huangshan, driving to the South Gate of the soup for 20 minutes, more convenient! services did not meet five-star standards! breakfast! other very good!
  • e02759056
    Room clean, beautiful environment and first-class service. visit next time.
  • foxsent
    Surprise! new hotel, good facilities, good service, all unexpectedly, from the Manchu village very close to Phoenix, dining convenience, onsite hotel prices are also relatively affordable. the surroundings very quiet. in short, many people are satisfied, you can recommend it to friends!
  • liu7740
    The hotel is very clean, the environment is beautiful, really good
  • fein7526
    Is not convenient for transportation
  • wgl1234567
    VIP floor brush in the Middle at the wrong gate card dung baby any more no one watch-security is a problem parking convenient and nice breakfast to point selection
  • slowdown
    Which is very nice
  • lori921
    No Western Standard. The oposite of an international Hotel (very Chinese)
  • dutylu
    Very good hotel, the birds wake, room is big and broad vision, next to Huang Shan will live.
  • atalli
    Very good, very satisfied
  • longlens
    Nice hotel, very suitable for self-driving tour friends. nice air conditioning effect is also very good, the bath water is very large, can also be at the hotel for a walk after supper, really pleasant, children have fun. is the swimming pool water too cold, children afraid to water. If this improvement would be better.
  • lucy88888
    Feeling of the hotel there is a veteran health base, particularly on tall ... ... Prices as cheap as I thought it was not that they complain, suggest opportunites can live here
  • Djemil
    High cost performance, the scenery is also quite good, much better than tangkou town hotel, is a large group of hotels recommended
  • dong1013
    Facilities good, service could be better
  • feierfeilove
    All right
  • crystal918
    Hotel good hardware, but the general maintenance and service really. pool no towels, cold water, changing room smell
  • gaowei_cn
    Friends should choose the other hotel
    Live had area maximum of suite, should really of has 110 square, but empty lack design sense, very unfortunately so good of external environment, but all buildings are is square, with nature cannot fusion, with has many fake stone made King, alas! restaurant supply of dishes, on with farm dish as lackluster, worth award of is water is good used to tea bubble coffee is good drink
  • gongcunli
    Best environment but is only suitable for self-driving tour nice large room can say OK
  • e00148462
    Hotel is very nice and new rooms were large
  • lyxyj
    That's good
  • Allen Tsau
    Nice ... dining area needs improving!
  • Aliceban
    Recommended hotels. Facilities within the hotel resort select the absolutely wrong. itself sights around the hotel, quite near from the various scenic spots. Will come again.
  • adonisaegis
    Hotel is located in the mountains, the scenery is beautiful, but if it's not driving and less inconvenience. rooms are large, renovated quality is also good, because the hotel business will not be long, everything is new. generally speaking, the price is very high.
  • ajing
    Very good hotel, room was big and very comfortable, winter off-season heated almost a little bit, the rest is good!
  • xueran9
    Nice, service was good, since driving is easy, Oh.
  • t18666
    Rooms at this time is the Ambassador building, facilities and room service did not feel Guest House is good, although color better than the apartment.